About me

I've always loved cameras. I started using my dad's old video camera as a kid, made my own movies throughout my childhood and up until college, and took photos as a hobby whenever I was out and about.

In college, I would find myself taking more and more photos when I would go out on weekend drives. While I lived in LA (2014-2020) I would take day trips from Santa Monica, where I lived and worked, out to Malibu which had the closets thing to the woods I was used to from my home town in the Bay Area. I'd go out there and just get lost in the hills, driving the backroads and stopping whenever I saw something interesting, like a large dam by a lake, or an old movie lot. I remember once even checking out an abandoned cult ranch. Weird stuff, but cool and interesting.

What really solidified my interest in photography was when I took my exploring impulses to the next level by going on a solo trip around Europe in 2019.

Fool with a camera

It's odd how much our perspective can shift when we travel. Whether it's across the world, or across the state, travel gives us a new way to look at the world. Back in 2019 I did a solo trip across Europe. It was one of those "find myself" journeys and I suppose it worked because when I came back I had a newfound love and appreciation for photography.

When the pandemic hit, I moved from Los Angeles, where I was working and going to school, back home to my parents in the Bay Area. With the world on pause I took this time to start an apprenticeship with photographer Trevor Henley and studied under him for three years. I started as his intern before being hired on as Junior Photographer and eventually becoming the Lead Photographer and Studio Manager to his company, Desire to Inspire Studios Foundation.

Taking the wealth of experience Trevor provided me with, I'm now working as a freelance photographer and have been so lucky to have had some incredible people to work with!